We the People of the Secure Cannabis Alliance (“SCA”) have assembled in effort to achieve a more perfect self-governance within our industry. In an evolutionary step, we set forth to address the human aspect of product chain-of-custody for our industry.

The SCA has been created by and for its membership to establish a self-sovereign, trusted alliance of serious industry members in an effort to weed-out malfeasance.

In our review and analysis of the Cannabis and Hemp industry supply chain, product accountability has proven uncertain.

  • Unreliability in product integrity and low confidence in distribution point tampering creates a growing concern within the SCA.
  • The criminal element seeks to disrupt and take advantage of supply chain weaknesses.
  • Identities of people and companies with whom we as an industry engage are not satisfactorily vetted nor proven at time of transactions.

To deter supply chain malfeasance and fraud, the SCA created an affirmative process for product chain of custody from seed to shelf.

  • The SCA has incorporated several emerging technologies to automate certification of alliance members and,
  • We engineered a solution designed to provide product confidence at every supply chain transaction point in the Cannabis and Hemp industry.


-Founders of the Secure Cannabis Alliance